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  1. OK - so the approval finally came in. I was able to get it 9 hours after sending it from the laptop. I left my residence and walked quite some distance today, so presumably I left the phone tower and was passed along a few times. Maybe that helped? Anyhow, it went through, finally.
  2. Hello, I have been trying to set up a new folder to sync between my laptop (win8.1) and my DroidM - both running the latest and greatest BTSync. The setup is WiFi only sync'ing, over a "hosted network" established through the laptop (Admin CMD: 'netsh wlan start hostednetwork', etc.). I am able to sync pics back to the laptop, but the new folder sync'ing arrangement is not working. I have "pending approval" on the laptop side - the request for approval was put in well over an hour ago and the phone has been turned off and on once, the Sync App exited and all that several times, the phone woken up from sleep, etc., several times. Each time I do this the Sync app happily indicates that the other folders are sync'd, but the approval to add the new folder simply do not get to the phone. Any tips on getting the approval to send, or be received, on the phone?
  3. I have been using T-Mobile for mobile wifi and was unable to connect peers. I found this post: So, I connected to the net using a different provider and presto, peers connected and it worked right away. Strangely, later that same day, after returning to my T-Mobile mobile wifi, I put more files into the folder and it synced up right away, in spite of the carrier. Any explanation for this behavior? Thanks - jmvp
  4. @GreatMarko @danhunsaker, Thank you very much - this thread has greatly increased my understanding of the nature of keys and how collisions occur. I guess I'll need to rethink and then rearrange my "syncing architecture" to get my machines set up in a more intelligent way. - jmvp
  5. danhunsaker: Thank you for the greater detail. If I wanted to use BTSync to mirror data across multiple (non-mobile) machines, then I take it you would recommend using R-W keys on all of them. Frankly I have found the distinction between R-W keys and R-O keys somewhat obscure: Wouldn't having a R-W key on one machine be the same as having both machines sync across using R-O? What use, then, the R-O key?
  6. Sorry but I find this explanation as confusing as it is clarifying. I'm getting the error message, too. My setup is "Android" syncing to "laptop#1." Now I want to sync from "laptop#1" to "3rd machine." I get the error message, presumably because "Android" is sending pictures to "laptop#1" (C:/ and I want to sync "laptop#1"(C:/ to "3rd machine." ("Android" was set up to sync to "laptop#1" first.) According to my understanding of your post, I need to put two R-W keys on both folders in "laptop#1." Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't find a way to issue R-W keys from the Android device to "laptop#1." <-- right? One of these keys has to come from "Android" and I don't see how to issue that key. OR: Are you saying I should issue R-W keys to "3rd machine" for a backup of "Android" on "laptop#1"??? (And this would be even though "3rd machine" is only ever to keep a copy of "Android" and never to write back to "laptop#1" (C:/ because it will never generate content for that folder???)