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  1. by "Sync Profile" I just mean a folder that is set up to sync. I just tried a simple experiment and on my computer I have a Music folder set up to sync. I just clicked add folder and selected a sub-folder of Music and it let me add it to the list of folders including adding it as R/Only
  2. If nested folders are treated as separate folders then why couldn't I just set up different sync profiles for the same folder? If I had main documents folder synced between my laptop, server, and other servers and then wanted the photos and music sub directories of that folder to sync to my phone why couldn't I just set up a sync profile on my laptop of the music folder and share it to the mobile?
  3. I guess what I'm asking is somewhat related to a different thread I started but I felt that they were distinct enough questions to warrant a thread of their own. I recognize that RAID is not a back up solution but an availability and redundancy provider. It appears as if Sync falls into this same category. If I'm syncing two locations I feel that is a decent level of redundancy... But I guess it comes down to how reliable the redundancy is. Eazq. Thank you for that reply. That's what I was getting at. If BtSync behaves as a geographically distributed Redundancy array (of independent machi
  4. I don't mean 'trust' as in security. I'm confident that it is secure enough for my needs. I mean trust as in reliability. I'm not thinking in terms of a backup solution per se but rather a way to ensure that my collection of files is locally accessible between 2 or 3 different remote sites. This said collection of files will be backed up from one of the remote sites with a second service. Most likely Crash Plan or similar. I am aware of the beta designation and that is why I was asking. I see a lot of people using sync for production situations but also see reports of sync doing things l
  5. As I've been browsing the forums I've found some references to sync doing strange things like restoring deleted files, syncing older files over the top of newer files, or other undesirables. So how good are the syncing algorithms? My question is simple: Would you trust Sync with all of your files?
  6. I've been very interested in and planning on using BitTorrent Sync to keep my family files synced between our different households. Here is my previous setup. Central Linux File server with 2 HDDs in RAID 1. I've been using that setup for a number of years now. Starting with the day when I thought that RAID was a backup solution. I am now aware that it is not a good backup solution (at least by its self) Planned setup: Primary server at Location #1 with RAID 1 mirroring (Linux)Secondary 'Server' at Location #2 with a single WD Red drive. Basically a 24/7 workstation (Win 7)Tertiary 'Server