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  1. okay you mister GreatMarko are officially now my onlinehelphero. how can i repay? worked out perfectly. was clearly a misread on my side...
  2. Hello again, something might not work ;( agfter step 3 i get the reply: "su: must be suid to work properly" any ideas?
  3. hope i do not stretch the support here too much i did install the synocommunity build. which program i am using going to the directory. synology noob here
  4. hoi, and thanks for your quick request. any idea how to find the sync conf file on a synology?
  5. Hello, i forgot the password to enter the webgui for bittorrent sync on my synology dsm 412+ running version for dsm: 5.0-4528 and bittorrent version: 1.4.83-8 any suggestions how to approach? is there a way to overwrite the password. Or installing everything new. Many thanks, boxxxy