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  1. Debian x64, was 2.0.128 or something, upgraded to 2.1.1, delete the global .sync directory(in the same directory with the btsync binary) and setup from scratch, still not there. sorry wrong forum, please move this to troubleshooting. never mind, it's adblock.
  2. I'm having similar issues, I have an always on Debian server, two Windows desktop, one Windows laptop, all running 2.0.128 the file being rolled back comes from the laptop I always shutdown desktops when I stop using them, but with the laptop I just close the lid so it sleeps. I think it might be related. BTW: the history interface is a major PITA to use, at least show which directory does the entry belong to, option to show absolute time stamps, and a search/filter. by googling I found similar issues was fired two years ago, I'm losing faith in this product, switching back to git.
  3. I've been wanting this since day one, I don't have 10*5 but 1 folder in 4 computers is painful already I use btsync to sync a folder containing various tiny programs, so I don't have to upgrade on all my 4 computers, but unfortunately some of them use local configuration files, and some I really don't want to sync like irfanview stores recently opened files so it got updated every time I open a photo.