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  1. works great - for my Android-Phone. but, any glue to get a read/write-sync for my... ...iPhone?
  2. going to instead using is the solution. * uses a valid https-certificate, thank you!
  3. tried to download the "brandnew" 2.2.1-qnap-package => wrong server certificate [firefox] => did you're server got hacked??? "wget" shows:the same: wget < --2015-10-12 00:22:40-- Resolving Connecting to||:443... connected. ERROR: cannot verify's certificate, issued by â/C=US/ST=Arizona/L=Scottsdale/, Inc./OU= Daddy Secure Certificate Authority - G2â: Self-signed certificate encountered. ERROR: no certificate subject alternative name matches requested host name âdownload-cdn.getsyncapp.comâ. To connect to insecurely, use `--no-check-certificate'. ...loading the current "stable"-file works fine: wget -O btsync.tar --2015-10-12 00:24:24-- Resolving Connecting to||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK Length: 4784187 (4.6M) [application/octet-stream] Saving to: âbtsync.tarâ btsync.tar 100%[=====================================================>] 4.56M 1.37MB/s in 3.3s 2015-10-12 00:24:28 (1.37 MB/s) - âbtsync.tarâ saved [4784187/4784187]
  4. thanks for the info, hoping for the release-software!!! ...same issues here. Verified with Linux/Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux/QNAP, too. I think, this is broken by design since filenames and paths do not have an encoding; the OS only deals with sequence of bytes. Individual applications may choose to interpret them as being encoded in some way... it's not allowed, for my opinion, to assume, filenames could/should/etc be in "UTF-8"-encoding. The only not allowed-byte-Value in Filenames is NUL, isn't it? --- Impossible to use btsync for any data until this is fixed.