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  1. Thank you for the reply! Any rough ETA on next update release? A month? A year?
  2. I'm experiencing a camera backup permission problem on 8.1 IOS that I hope someone can help me with. New install of iOs 8.1, just downloaded and started using Bittorrent Sync. When I swipe to enable camera backup, error says "Bittorrent Sync does not have permission to access your photos. Go to Privacy > Photos > Bittorrent Sync to enable." But, when I go to the privacy settings in my Iphone, Bittorrent Sync is not listed among the apps requesting permission. Any insights or work around? Why isn't Sync requesting permission to access my photos? All I can find on the topic are references to the camera roll problem being resolved by 8.1. , but I just switched to 8.1 before I even installed bittorrent sync.