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  1. Huge +1 here. I have a couple folders and am not interested in adding more. This is pure UI clutter. At the very least, can it be buried inside of the advanced options? Please give us a way to turn it off!
  2. I don't know what an encrypted peer is but I installed this on one of my machines and they all seem to be syncing correctly now! Thanks!
  3. My two Windows 8.1 machines won't sync with each other either (note the right side of the image): I generated fresh sync keys for all of my shares via the preferences dropdown which changed from longer keys to the newer shorter ones but that didn't help. As far as I know everything is normal files and folders inside of the my sync folders. Should I email debug logs? EDIT: Well it took a while but it's syncing some data. EDIT #2: It stopped after syncing about half the missing data. Dang. Still out of sync.