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  1. the problem is not solved....sorry to say that. if the process of compressing the access-database needs more time (for example 1 second), i have the same error-message like ever.
  2. same problem with access like ever!!! cant believe it! one year is gone and nobody fixes this issue! you crahshes databases with sync! users lose datas with your programm. it seems, you think that is not important...cant believe it. i have started now to write comments on download-sites and warn users to download this software. sorry for that, but you had time enough to think about priorities.
  3. have you downloaded the file? i havent got a download-confirmation... --- ah, i have read your last message now. ok.
  4. right adress no automatic confirmation dont find a message from you sent you the link now in a message
  5. I sent your support the link to download five days before. it was not downloaded yet. In a few days the file will be deleted by wetransfer. so please contact your support to download the file. otherwise it will be the second time, that i sent you a file by wetransfer which is not downloaded....hope i dont waste my time, try to help you fixing errors.
  6. i sent you such logs several times... where shall i send it? it has a size of 27 mb comprimized
  7. same mistakes...nothing changed in build 1.4.10018 Do this: open a database accdb in access 2010. - go to FILE - INFORMATION - Comprimize and Repair Database. message like this: "............. File in use or locked"
  8. Its really bad. BittorrentSync is a really good idea, but it seems nobody can fix this problem. So after a quarter of a year waiting for a solution i will say good bye to Bittorrent Sync. It does not work with Microsoft Office, one of the mostly used software. To prevent more database crashes and lost datas i have deinstalled BittorrentSync and going to look for another Sync-Solution... At the time to use BittorrentSync is not recommended! Its hard to say: you have to caution users against it! Sorry for that, but after several damaged files, there is no other way....
  9. i sent it via email: (25.11.2014) subject: "sync interferes MS Access"