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  1. I've been annoying by this too for about a year. It is a trivial fix which should have been included in the next patch update and not wait for a major release. I'm in 2.5.12 (1191) which is the latest version and I still have the annoying status bar color.
  2. Any chance of getting the equivalent for OS X? I would love to be able to have my sync keep working even when I'm logged out.
  3. Please add WebUI support for the Mac. I'd like to be able to run BitTorrent Sync as a daemon, since currently syncing only works while I'm logged in.
  4. I've been running btsync 1.4 on my Mac with the "--config config.json" option. How do I create new "2.0-style" shares through the configuration file? 2.0 seems to work with classic 1.4 shares, and I suppose that is good enough. But I'd like to experiment with these new style of shares. If btsync finally added a daemon mode I'd definitely be willing to pay. The --config approach works, but I'm flying blind since it doesn't have any sort of UI to monitor sync progress.
  5. I figured out how to get BT Sync running as a daemon, so wanted to post my findings. I'm running 1.3.109 since 1.4 was too unreliable for me. I create a directory in my home ~/Library/btsync_config to hold my config file: ~/Library/btsync_config> cat config.json { "device_name": “Bittorrent Sync Daemon”, "listening_port": 0, "pid_file": "/private/tmp/", "check_for_updates" : false, "use_gui" : false, "use_upnp" : true, "shared_folders" : [ { "secret": "<SECRET_KEY>", "dir": "/Users/_USERNAME_/Shuttle", "use_relay_server": true, "use_tracker" : true, "use_dht" : true, "search_lan": true, "use_sync_trash": true } ]} Then I create a launchd plist to start BTSync as a daemon on boot This file lives in /Library/LaunchDaemons: /Library/LaunchDaemons> cat com.bitorrent.sync.plist<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" ""><plist version="1.0"><dict><key>Label</key><string>com.bittorrent.sync</string><key>UserName</key><string>_USERNAME_</string><key>KeepAlive</key><true/><key>RunAtLoad</key><true/><key>WorkingDirectory</key><string>/private/tmp</string><key>ProgramArguments</key> <array><string>/Applications/BitTorrent Sync</string><string>--config</string><string>/Users/_USERNAME_/Library/btsync_config/config.json</string></array></dict></plist> Replace _USERNAME_ with your username so that BTSync runs as you (even when you aren't logged into the console) Once this file is created, tell launchd to start it with sudo launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.bittorrent.sync.plist This seems to be working for me on OS X Yosemite.