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    Its barely usable if you browse files in landscape mode. Although, we'll consider implementing landscape for photo browser. Thumbnails are already in feature requests.


    Yes, I get that, but not everyone is using it for documents only :) I have around 30.000 photo's that I wan't to be able to acces from my mobile. And as you can guess, for browsing photos, landscape mode (and thumbnails) would be very welcome. I can't be the only one.

  2. Another great feature would be the option to disable new peers at all. I have setup Sync the way I want and I won't need to add other peers at all. Then it would be nice to close/disable the option to add new peers. This way you won't even need to bother if someone gets your key.

  3. Then you should use Dropbox, Google Drive, Sugarsync, Box or One Drive. These are all cloud storage hosting providers (you pay more for more disk space). Bittorrent Sync is the same idea but without a provider that stores your data. So yes, one device should be always online, otherwise it cannot send data to the other one directly. That's the whole idea of Sync.