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  1. Thanks for your response after three weeks Helen. I double checked that after disabling the "check for updates" BTS was properly exited. Also there were no other BTS tasks running. To top it off, there is now a "task pending" showing up (alarm clock on top) demanding that I do the update. No further description to what version. The two requested files have been send via the form. Also I deleted the settings.dat and tried yet again to save my choice to not check for updates. On another note Helen, deleting the settings.dat removed all shares and forces me to redo all shares with the necessary long checks and syncs. I would have expected a warning from a professional support person about this.
  2. This bug is still nagging every BTS 1.4 user several times a day. Why do I get the feeling that this issue is ignored on purpose? If the intention is to annoy 1.4 users, maybe 1.4 users should reply here every time the dialog to upgrade pops up and ignored the users choice.
  3. Is it to be expected that 1.x Bugs & Problems are ignored by BittorrentSync staff? Over a week has passed and no reaction. Not OK for a company that wants to charge money. Please state clearly if BTS 1.4x is ignored and will not be supported anymore or if this is just an oversight.
  4. Can this bug be confirmed by other users? Anyone from BTS staff to recognize/confirm this? Just having 1.4.111 installed and started is enough to reproduce. No logs necessary.
  5. BitTorrent Sync 1.4.111 continuously prompts with an update to 2.x regardless of the user’s choice to not ask again. Removing the checkmark from “Always check for updates to this version” makes no difference whatsoever. Please fix.
  6. @wimbit I was hoping someone from the BTS team would answer, since they know the mechanism behind encryption and read-only. All I know is that this is a simple way to get all three different versions of the keys. Obviously, if you change the A to D you need to update all keys on all clients for the folder. If the much simpler way to generate works for everyone, maybe it would be a good idea to put it into the “Sync Help Center” or at least into the “FAQ *Unofficial*” version maintained by GreatMarko. A good place to read about the key structure is:
  7. Since 1.4 there is a much simpler way to generate the encrypted read-only secret. No more counting characters etc.. Add the new folder, go to the folders preferences, show the keys with “View key”, copy the “Read & Write key” simply by clicking “Copy”, click on “Update key…”, paste the key and change only the first character from A to D. Hit “Update” followed by “Close”. Open the folders preferences again. Now you can see all three keys under the folders preferences.
  8. To quote Professor Farnsworth „Good news, everyone!“. The encrypted share synced just fine after an update of all Clients to the new version. All I had to do was to stop BTS and install 1.4.103 over the existing installations. The only odd behaviour I noticed was that out of 5 Clients, 2 did nothing after starting the Bittorrent_Sync.exe to update. Upon investigation I discovered that the EXE used 0% CPU and in both cases 220K RAM. I had to kill the process and another launch installed BTS just fine. This is looking good!
  9. Logs had been sent already days ago. Other than the automated reply no answer so far. Going to test the 1.4.103 build, although the first reply already talks about out of sync problems.
  10. Test was performed using a fresh install.
  11. Managed to get Read Only and Encrypted peers out of sync in real Sync setups as well as in a lab setup. Same issue that has been reported here. All peers online but nothing happens. The fix in 1.4.99 for Encrypted shares does not work either, it seems. After restarting the Read Only peer a lot of times it finally synced up. It worked before and now over a month has passed and there is no solution to fix the Out of sync in a syncing product. Not really promising.
  12. Testing synchronisation with 2 “Read & Write”, 1 “Read Only” and 1 “Encrypted”, I noticed that after a while the entire share is “Out of sync”. Leaving 1 “Read & Write” and 1 “Encrypted” running, the share will never sync. Not sure if that is the “- Fix issue with "Out-of-sync" shown for Encrypted peers” Fix or still the open bug. Doesn’t really matter as 1.4.99 is still not usable with this kind of sync loss. On a side note, there is another bug in the interface. If a “D” secret/key has been used, generating a new key will keep an “Encrypted” key in the interface that is of no use anymore.
  13. After updating all Clients from 1.4.93 to 1.4.99 I still had several “Out of sync” shares. As a test I generated new secrets/keys for all shares and syncing started again. However shares (non RO and non-encrypted) keep going back to “Out of sync” showing the usual “no peers online” but in the Peers column all peers are seen an online. Another not so fun thing was that after adding a peer on Linux the entire share’s content was deleted across all peers. Problem has been reported. For now changing the key seems to buy me a couple of hours or days of sync per share with the out of sync issue. Obviously this is time consuming. I’m putting up my hopes for or even 1.5.x.