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  1. I will try an isolated configuration tomortow (plain switch nothing in between) to see if it works. Maybe the corporate access points are blocking multicast. I am also building a proxy to help with this problem but it would be nice if local lan sync works.
  2. Hello, I have a working setup at home where 2 laptops connect through a switch would sync the files without connecting to the internet. edit : I know they synced locally because they where getting speeds of up to 20mb/s which my internet feed won't reach. I do however suspect they connected to the internet to find each other because at my corporate network I am behind multiple firewalls with IPS / IDS and all sorts of smart filters. Now they can't find each other even when they are in the same subnet with no firewalls in between them. Is there any way to let them find each other without using a tracker of some sort ?