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  1. Hi There. I am having a nightmare with the bittorrent app for IOS. I don't tend to use it because it crashes a lot, but now I am finding a general pattern. Firstly when launching the app, it takes a long time to show my sync folder, it shows a photos sync folder but the main sync takes a long time to show, even though it was synced on my LAN, when I reopen the app there is no folder. Secondly when I want to share/move a file from say an email to bit torrent, it will allow me to access the first level of the sync folder if I try to select any folder after the first level, an immediate crash, this happens every single time, meaning that basically I cannot move any files in IOS to BTS. Thirdly when trying to access folders within the sync folder generally its a 50% chance that it will simply crash. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling to no avail. I just cannot use bit torrent sync on IOS and thats making me a sad panda. Also why is there no sub forum for IOS but there is for Android?
  2. Hi thanks for this. Is the default state? I removed sync reinstalled and qrcoded my folder and the settings say its not set to auto sync anyhow. It had risen to 1.2 gigs when I deleted but I have reinstalled and its settled on 35megs for now, so I shall see how it goes.
  3. Hi. I love Btsync on my main computers and would like to have it on my iphone. However my sync is around 70 gigs and my phone is 16. Drop box has a similar amount of files in it and uses 70megs on my phone, I let sync get to 1.5gigs before I concluded that its actually syncing all the files to my phone. So my feature request is to treat IOS like dropbox does, i.e. a file listing is presented but nothing is downloaded unless you select it. Because of how BTsync works now on iphone I have sadly had to remove it.