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  1. I'm running it on a Drobo FS. No errors in the log or anything. Just no WebUI. Everything loads fine except for template.js which is a 404. Using Chrome.
  2. In 2.0.105 of the ARM package templates.js is missing causing the web UI to fail to load.
  3. I have a 100gb photo collection that I sync between my desktop, nas and a PC off site. I just went through and updated tags and other meta data on all the photos. I would think that because its tags and other metadata is stored in EXIF and they are all JPG so it is universally accepted that EXIF data can easily change it would just sync the EXIF. Boy was I mistaken. Google+ Auto Back took a whopping 2 minutes to resync the EXIF data. BT Sync 1.4.106 is taking 5 days to resync that little bit of data. Am I wrong in thinking that LIKE EVERY OTHER SYNC PROGRAM the entire files doesn't need to