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  1. Sync iOS Wishlist: I use this Sync on my iOS devices primarily to have my music synced across them, but I find it extremely difficult to do so without these key features. -Automatically play the next track after one finishes. -Ability to skip to next and previous tracks in Control Center, and on the Lock Screen. -When you're playing a song in the Sync app, there aren't any play/pause, skip, or volume controls. Add them. -Allow the user to be able to browse through other folders within the Sync app while still playing the track. In order to browse now, you have to close the music and browser separately. -Possibly the ability to stream the music rather than having it stored locally. Personally, I have unlimited data so it wouldn't be a problem for me. -Perhaps the option to enable or disable background refresh in the Settings. I'd rather my things be synced all the time, not just when I have the app open. Besides that, I'm loving it! I don't have any clue how easy it would be to implement these, since I'm only a HS CS major, but I'm hoping that they will be added!