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  1. http://[address]:[port]/api?method=get_folder_peers&secret=(secret) synced is always 0.. at least on my version but I would like to have a timestamp whith a timestamp that the peers (each of them) checked if a sync was needed. something like http://[address]:[port]/api?method=get_peerInfo&secret=(secret)&peerId=(peerId) returns { "connection": "direct", // direct or relay "name": "GT-I9500", "lasFullSync": "2012-09-27T22:00:00", // timestamp when last full-sync completed "lastIncommingConnetion":"2012-09-27T22:00:00" // timestamp when last connection or check for sync was made } In my case I use Bittorrent to make backups data of some clients of ours to a server in our data-center. Our clients have access to a self-service portal that we offer. I would like to show them there, the state of the backups, and the last time the peers (in my case our servers) checked for changes... I'm now parsing the clients Bitttorrent logs (through a windows service they have anyway installed on their machine), and send the results to a Rest Service we have made for it. This actually works (I parse for things like "Incoming connection from", and some other strings) and check the datetime it was last written.. and if it's older that an hour I raise an alarm (just an Icon changes!). The problem with this solution is obvious : Logging has to be enabled...After a while this files get huge... I got a files up to 20 GB large!.If you guys decide to write something else in the log, my solution stops working.(this has happened in the past)So.. that is my wish! Thanks