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  1. Currently have a running system between two computers (two Ubuntu servers) running v1.4. I have resisted upgrading to v2.0 until I added my third computer (Debian server) to the mix. That third computer is now functional. I intend to add the third computer with v1.4. After I am sure everything is functioning properly (and the third computer bittorrent directory is populated) then I would upgrade all machines to v2.0. (All computers are non-gui cammand line servers.) Does this computer addition/upgrade sequence seem illogical? Am I overlooking anything?
  2. Some time ago I setup bittorrent sync and now I need to add a new client. I have a bittorrent server (in the closet) and a number of clients connected to it. I have not (yet) been able to find my setup notes. I have tried my various admin passwords I use and I cannot connect to the server gui. Is there a way to reset the server to a default password? What effect might that have on the other clients?