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  1. Count me among those who where were singing the praises of BTSync prior to version 2. I do believe in paying for good software especially if connected with a high privacy business model. However, I'm not a fan of subscription pricing and as an example have left new subscription only Adobe products. I don't have a lot of experience gauging value for monthly price except for one system which I do use... LastPass @ $12/year. Their basic service is free and only charge if you want mobile access and a couple of advanced features (e.g. 2 factor via YubiKeys). I use LastPass probably 30+ times a da
  2. EDS is an Android encryption app which can be used to create and use encrypted file containers. The paid version has more features than the free, and if you're rooted you can even do more. EDS is compatible with TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt containers as well as several other formats. You do have to pay attention to the encryption and hash methods supported by EDS. Containers created by desktop software (i.e. TrueCrypt or VeraCrypt) are compatible with EDS as long as those methods are common. Not the most pretty or user friendly program you'll run into, but it does the job. The way it works is you
  3. I'm new to Sync, and so far things are going OK between a desktop PC, Synology box and an Android phone. One question... Is there any way to selectively drop a peer while keep the others. The only way I've found is to disconnect everyone and start over. If a method doesn't exist, I'll add it to the feature request sub-forum.