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  1. Any news about the crash on Intel Android? I have to work on my project and if I can't sync I will be forced to search for an alternative that works. I hope I don't have to.
  2. In my case, I have an Intel Android 4.4 tablet, version 2.0 crashes instantly and it doesn't even start. It seems that this behaviour is not uncommon. Unfortunately, I was using it to sync all my projects between my Mac, my Window laptop and my Android tablet, and now I am manually moving files back and forth.
  3. Same problem here. I have a Teclast X98 Air 3G(C6J6), Intel Atom Z3736F @ 2.16 GHz, running Android 4.4.2. The app crashes immediately and cannot even start. I already sent some crash reports using the android crash screen. It was working fine in version 1.4. In addition, the Google Play Store says that the update 2.0.64 is not compatible with my device. It is not usable in this state. I hope you can solve this problem because I am willing to go Pro if I have a reliable service.
  4. Hello. I am using Bittorrent Sync to sync my Win laptop and my Mac desktop. I use Mercurial as my versioning system (SCM). Mercurial creates in its repository several files that have "~2e" at the beginning of their filenames. These files are located inside the .hg folder used to maintain the repository. Unfortunately, Bittorrent Sync does not sync these files. Executing "hg verify" confirms that the synced repository (the one created by Bittorrent Sync) is corrupted. I made a comparison between the original repository and the synced repository (the one created by Bittorrent Sync) and the only files missing are those starting with "~2e". Manually copying them from one repository to the other fixes the problem. Files starting with "~2e" do not seem to have any permission blocked; I could copy, delete and move them without any issue. To replicate this problem just create one Mercurial repository, with at least one commit, and sync it with Bittorrent Sync. You can check the integrity of a repository by executing "hg verify". "~2e" files are inside the .hg folder. I hope you can check this issue. Thanks.
  5. Yes, you are right. iOS for iPhone. Sorry for not being accurate. BTW, Thanks for such a great software.
  6. Feature Request: Landscape Mode Reasoning: Landscape mode is essential for photography. With landscape mode we can show wedding photos to their customers, or have a portfolio on the go. Without landscape mode, it would be problematic to completely switch over to BitTorrent Sync.