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  1. As it turns out, I've had logging enabled on one of the target peers :-o Completely forgot about that And it is there - exactly 1998 times :-) I've just sent the log file to the support.
  2. I didn't know that. Thank you for the clarification, Helen. I did take a closer look and... that's actually not exactly true. It is kinda interesting though. After few hours, when all the files have synced eventually, it looks like this: 1) Renamed folder A: 1221 files, ~400MB - the Archive on one target computer contains 998 of the same files (~340MB), and on another target machine - *exactly* the same 998 files as well. 2) Renamed folder B: 2644 files, ~1GB - the Archive (again, both target computers) contains exactly 1998 of the same files (~770MB). In all cases that were the older fil
  3. Hi, This was in my eyes one of the biggest advantages of BTSync over some other syncing solutions. There have been some problems from time to time, but I thought they were all fixed by now. Unfortunately, I've just experienced (twice!) an unwanted behaviour in what I would call a simple folder rename. I could swear this was working 1/2 years ago in identical situations, but now - seems broken. :/ I'm talking about detecting a folder rename. That's a folder inside a "standard Sync folder", not the sync folder itself. A folder containing hundreds/thousands of files. What I would expect: -
  4. Funny thing - I've just noticed the "share" button is suddenly working for me now I'm not sure if it's FF version related or not, but it's 34.0.5 at the moment.
  5. I don't think the window size matters. Even full-screen on a fullhd display (1920x1080) doesn't make a difference. But there you go. Attached is a screenshot taken while the mouse was hovering over the options button in one of the rows. As you can see - that button works fine. Only the 'Share' one is missing.
  6. Same here - no share button, in any folder. BTSync 1.4.103, Firefox 33.1.1 on Linux.
  7. Hello again, I'm surprised nobody confirmed nor denied this bug. Was my previous post too long/complicated? Let me simplify... I've recently switched to Linux on my laptop and can still reproduce the problem (so it wasn't Windows-specific), also on a different - much smaller folder. All clients upgraded to 1.4.103. Steps to reproduce: 1) Create "test" directory in a shared folder. 2) Edit .sync/IgnoreList, add a line: "/test" (linux) or "\test" (windows) 3) Add a file "test/1.txt" on a remote computer... It's not propagated to the local computer - good - "ignore" works so far... 4) Res
  8. +1 If nothing else, I think for many of us it would make much more sense to display the folders in alphabetical order (based on the Name) instead of the order in which the folders were added (like it is right now). How about just a simple switch for that in the configuration?
  9. Hi! Among others, I have a folder (about 70GB, thousands of files, about a dozen subfolders in the root folder and hundreds more underneath) synced between few computers. Most of them are Windows (1.4.93), one with Linux (1.4.99). On one Windows laptop I need just a small subset of that folder, so... based on [http://sync-help.bittorrent.com/customer/portal/articles/1673122-ignoring-files-in-sync-ignorelist-] I've set it up to exclude few subfolders, similar to this: \200? \2010 \2011 \2012 \2013 \2014\2014-01* ... \others And this kinda works... if updating the file while btsync is runn