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  1. I have detected this problem after last update. I'm running btsync1.4.93 on: 3 Ubuntu1 Debian1 Win 71 RaspberryThe files with "á,é,í,ó,ú,ñ" in the name are ignored, but is worse, a folder with one of these character is fully ignored.... I have reviewed the log file (sync.log) in all hosts and the files/dirs are not in the list. The files are ignored. After deleting ".sync" directory and re-add the folder using a new key the behavior is the same, these files and folders was not detected. This is happen after the last update. Someone has the same issue? Can be a bad configuration on my environment? Updated: I have seen in the raspberry log: [20141110 12:42:34.572] Added path=/mnt/data/btsync/docencia/tílde with fd=1313[20141110 12:42:34.572] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/mnt/data/btsync/docencia/tílde", source = "NULL"[20141110 12:42:35.439] SyncFolderScanner: Processing watch item "/mnt/data/btsync/docencia/tílde", now = 13011818807251959808, time = 57667546655656328[20141110 12:42:35.440] SyncFolderScanner: Posting update event for file "/mnt/data/btsync/docencia/tílde"[20141110 12:42:35.440] SyncFolderScanner: Skiping file '/mnt/data/btsync/docencia/tílde' with invalid UTF8 file name