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  1. Thanks. I am only sharing 'read-only' access as I don't want anyone to overwrite the originally shared files. I am using Sync to share files only, not to work/edit on those files. Based on your answer, let's suppose this scenario: I am the original sender. I share a read-only link with B. B download the folder. I disconnect the folder from sync. However, as B have already the folder and didn't disconnect it from Sync, will he be able to share the original link with a C person or not because I am the original sender and I already disconnected the folder from Sync? I suppose the answer is no, B or me will have to generate a new link. Right? Thanks!
  2. thanks for the quick answer! I have another questions: I upgraded to the latest version of Bitorrent Sync and then I had to restart my computer because it was slow (not a Bitorrent Sync problem I think). Anyway, when I restarted and re-opened Sync, all folders I was sharing were gone! So hereĀ“s the question: Some hours ago, I generated a link for a friend to share him a folder. Because of the problem I described above, I thought that if I clicked the link i sent him earlier, I could start sharing/syncing with him again, however I get this "Pending approval" in the status column saying that "Send must be online and may need to grant access". However, I am the original sender! So what do I need to do in this case? Share the folder again and generate a new link for my friend? What exactly happen when I want to share again a folder I disconnected? I need to generate a new link to share? It seems I can not click the first link I generated to share again. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I recently shared a folder with 40 files with a group pf people. The files were shared as "read only". My questions: 1) If after someone has "synced in" (downloaded all the files to his device) removes or alters one of the files, does this will be reflected in my 'original' folder? I assume that not because they were shared as "read only" right? 2) Let's say I share this folder with 10 persons. If 3 persons already got "synced in" (got the folder and all its content), this will make it faster for the remaining persons to get the files? 3) Why I have a couple of folders I shared as "Out of sync" and how should I fix this? This seems to be a very common question. Thanks!
  4. So I got a link to download a folder and why I click on it, this appears: I already have Sync installed on my computer. What do I need to do to start downloading the files? Thanks! and if I go to another Browser and paste the URL I get this:
  5. oh I see it now. Roll over on the folder and then on the very right the tree points appear. Thanks!
  6. hello, I have the same question. I am on Windows 7 and I don't see that option anywhere. Or it's because the folder was already downloaded by someone else? See image below: Thanks!