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  1. I can understand why all the hate by personal users, but for business use BTSync is a winner. I've been using the program since 1.4 to back up data and dBases for a small orthodontic practice. The program works. Maintains compliance with HIPPA an other Govt rules. The annual fee is more than reasonable compared to Enterprise versions of Carbonite etc... Outstanding means of disaster recovery in case of natural disaster -- synced files are 3000 miles away!!! Only reason I haven't gone PRO yet is due to issues to BTSync caused by not readily apparant hardware failure, which have now been resolved.
  2. Thanks for 2.1.2 - fixed my freezing crashing interface and my frozen, should have been rotating, but didn't, tray icon. My issues started in Win7 most likely related to a failing Hard Disk. Once I replaced the drive, uninstalled BTSync, reinstalled it, and then started to resync my measely ~TB of data, BtSync would continually freeze and crash. Win 10 came out so I did MS upgrade (yeah dumb move on my main work machine), the crashes became less and the interface became more responsive, but still eventually froze and died. Looks like it is back to normal now , and Win 10 seems to be working good too. Kudos to the Developement and support team. Hardware and OS issues on users machines may be a large part of any problems people are experiencing. Time to replace my 980x and x58 Board. 8 core Intel goodness here I come.
  3. Sometimes I see locked files that have been released but still show locked status. Shutting down BTSync and restarting it updates the status. How 'bout adding a refresh option to the window? Kudos to you Guys, still running strong syncing up nearing 2TB!!!
  4. I don't see an option to block out certain hours from syncing ie. no sync from 9 to 5. Is there any way off doing this automatically? If not it might be a useful feature for some.
  5. I'm currently backing up folders on a 2008R2 server and usually have a few locked files. Not really a major problem since I log off users and disconnect sessions at night. On our local network I've been testing out Free File Sync as a backup option, which has integration with volume shadow copy svc, for backing up open/locked files. Any plans for future upgrades to BT Sync do something similar? It would be really cool to automate our offsite backup so I can take an occasional night or three, off . Keep up the awesome work. You've made it possible to back up Cali to North Carolina .