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  1. That is just a logging tool. I'm asking for a feature that would search for mismatches comprehensively and fix them. The problem is not related to locked files. It's entire folders with hundreds of files that will are unsynced. Usually it corrects itself eventually but it can literally take days for it to resolve.
  2. In theory that should work, but it doesn't. I would say at least a dozen times I have had folders which remain unsynced for days and days while other ones are fine. There needs to be a stronger comprehensive error-checking function that can be enabled when there is a problem.
  3. It has happened too often that some of my subfolders get out of sync. They just aren't replicated identically on all devices. I will have folders created but nothing inside of them on some devices, while there are hundreds of files on the original device where the files were created. I don't know why this happens and it shouldn't happen. However once the problem is discovered, it should be easily to remedy. Add a Force Rescan or Validate or Resync or some type of catch-all error-checking button which will validate if a sync is proper and complete on all devices and immediately address
  4. I don't remember changing my password on Resilio on my Synology NAS but I am unable to log in. I followed the directions in the "how do I reset the Web UI" article on the support site but it did not change anything. I still get prompted for a user/password and I cannot get past this screen. It is not prompting me for a NEW username/password -- it is acting just like before. How else can I get back into the UI?
  5. I want to know if I can make control the priority of synced folders so that certain folders are always completely synchronized before the lesser important folders start syncing. Is this possible?