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  1. So which architecture of resilio are you using on your UNRAID? Linux x64? Just trying to determine if this is an issue that applies to synology or to, essentially, all linux based releases of resilio..
  2. ds418play comes with 2GB of ram and the only packages running on top of DSM are file station, universal search and resilio. So it's a pretty lean install and my synology usually is at 13% RAM usage at most all times
  3. I've got the latest version of Resilio (2.5.10-1) running on my Synology DS418play which is also running the current version (DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 5). I have a Resilio running on a linux server at my host and when I move files into the Linux host and the Synology starts to sync, I only get around 1.6MB/s performance. However, if I go into the Synology and simply stop the Resilio service and then start it again, my sync speeds go to 5-6MB/s. I've been able to reproduce this 3 times now. It's pretty annoying to have to start/stop the service after adding files to the Resilio dire