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  1. Another bug I've encountered appears when switching from the light theme to the dark (and vice versa): then the small icon (I would call it system tray but not sure?) at the top right, does not change by it self but has to be clicked in order to invert the icon. Sorry for spamming, just really love the program and so I wish to contribute.
  2. GreatMarko: Thank you for your answer. Yes I just tried updating but the problem remains. Also when opening BTSync from the small icon at the top right (next to the clock) the menu bar does not switch to BTSync but remains in the program you had active before.
  3. Hi! I'm running BitTorrent Sync Beta 1.4.93 for Mac and I have discovered that all check boxes are misplaced when clicking them, as shown in the image below: Maybe this is just a bug in the Mac platform but I wanted to report it just in case. ~Heimdal