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  1. That worked. The out of sync and no peers are fixed. Hope to see a wau to delete,move and change files in the future.
  2. I have a Linux server and a Windiws 7 home computer, both running latest version of bitsync. The home computer is set at read only. To just recieve files. I have a folder on the server that I synced to my home computer about 4 hours ago. I have now deleted one of the files on my computer, but bitsync seems to want to sync it again. How do I stop this? And both bitsync`s says that the folder is out of sync. The Linux server bitsync says: No peers online. But my computer is online. My computer says that Linux server bitsync is offline, but it is online. And the file size is different on them. For the same files. Computer says its 275MB to recieve and Server sa it 1275MB to send