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  1. Of course. Why would I not stay with 1.3.xx? It's reliable, the UI isn't awful since it's native, I am not having any issues with 1.3., etc. What possible reason would I have to upgrade to 1.4 when its UI appears to be designed to encourage users to stay with 1.3? It seems that nowadays many developers seem to have this inkling that web-based interfaces are acceptable alternatives to their native counterparts. I guess it seems that btsync is a case-in-point example of this. Just because you can consolidate your codebase and simplify development by using a web-based cross platform framework for creating a UI, doesn't mean you should. If anything, the interface for 1.4 should have been the earlier version, so that you could make it look like you were at least making progress towards a better UI by switching to something that is native. Anyway, I won't be upgrading to 1.4 until the UI returns to what it used to be in 1.3, and I'll be discouraging everyone else I know who uses btsync from doing so as well. And if that never happens? Looks like I'll be on 1.3 for the long haul.