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  1. Thank you for the response, however i'm not sure that's 100% clear. Is the blue arrow the amount of data that will be transferred to me from the device, or the amount of data from the cloud to the device? And again for the green, is it how much i'm uploading to that device, or how much has been uploaded from the cloud to that device?
  2. I'm definitely missing something because I don't understand what is being reported here, and nowhere in any manual have I seen an explanation as to what the up/down blue/green arrows mean. At first glance maybe it's obvious, however after thinking about it a bit more I'm not too sure. The first screenshot is in the WebUI showing the up/down of my local machine. I think these numbers are obvious, i'm downloading at 468 KB/s and uploading at 199 KB/s. Ok, great. Now what does this mean? Is the device 123 downloading at 58.23 GB/S (probably not however, uh I have no clue), or has it downloaded a total of 58.23 GB? Is that today, or since it first connected, or altogether from this file? Or is it that it still needs to download 58 GB to finish? Or is it that it's requesting 58 GB of data from my client? And then the user library. Has it uploaded 2.7 MB to me? Or is it uploading at 2.7 MB/s (not uncommon). The same questions arise. I think that a simple tooltip over each arrow explaining what it is would be helpful. Until then i'd be satisfied just to know what they mean. `J5