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  1. Another small problem (with solution), the service is spawning an instance of the default browser in the background. No console associated with it so you can't see it. This doesn't upset IE but Firefox doesn't like it throwing up an error if you try to call it up again, as it tries to add a tab to the “hidden” process. A trawl through the registry on my desktop machine to see how autostart is handled threw up the somewhat obvious “/minimized” switch. So we just need to add this to the arguments we are passing through nssm, making that line: Under the "Arguments" field, enter "/webui /config btsync.conf /minimized" and now sync starts silently in the nonexistent task tray. SNG
  2. In response to love2scoot, I can confirm that if you wrap 1.4.103 in "nssm" and run it as a service using the "/webui" command line switch you can then access the user web GUI at the loopback address. I'm doing this on a WHS 2011 (Server 2008 based) and the GUI comes up in the default browser as set for your logon. Being anal about these things, I've created a Firefox persona for sync so that I can run it in minimalist window rather than the full tabbed browser, from a desktop shortcut. What would be nice now is to able to log in remotely, at the moment the web GUI seems to be hard coded to the loopback address and as a consequence can only be accessed from the local machine. Big step forward anyway, at least you can manage it without stopping the service and running a local instance. SNG