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  1. Syncthing continues development, has a great gui now (use to be only browser based), is opne sourced and free, and has been awesome for me for a few months now. I was one of the many testers of Bit Torrent Sync (all the way back when it was in alpha) and I won't touch it again. They have made bad decisons, under-handed moved behind the scenes, and are not continuing the quality rhat they had 2 years ago. Ha!
  2. I have been using SyncThing exclusively lately. You don't have to use the web gui either, there are a few "stand-alone" guis available now. This one works great.
  3. SyncTrazor is ok, but there is another GUI that I like even better, also found on GitHub....
  4. I actually could care less about the folder number limits. For my needs, I can have one giant folder with zero problems. I can understand how this can pose a problem for some users, so I won't go as far as saying that it is a non-issue...It is a non-issue for me. But I have a huge problem with this whole subscription idea for software that has no reason to be on an on-going subscription. I think it is a brilliant piece of code, and would be happy to pay decent money as a one-time fee, and paid upgrades IF the newly implemented features are something I want/need. But a subscription? Nope.
  5. This is my ball-park numbers as well. I completed some survey weeks ago (and added some comments of extreme distatse for the current pricing scheme) and just today received an "offer" for a big discount....for the first year. Still a subscription, which is my bigger issue with this whole mess. I'd pay decent money as a one-time fee, and paid upgrades IF WANTED/NEEDED, but I don't do subscription software unless it is something that I NEED and is so prohibitively expensive that it's the only way I will be able to access it. Even then, I always look for more reasonable (open source when possible
  6. Yeah, I thought of that actually. But my biggest issue is that while they indeed deserve to make money on their product, they could gain much needed instant good promo by not losing most of the tester's confidence. Even a good product can fail at launch time if too much loss of support happens. Testers are almost guaranteed supporters and can make the needed difference for a new product. Out of principal, I don't think I will be giving them my money.
  7. I didn't expect to find this thread so I am also a non-subscription person. I don't even mind paying yearly IF the software is good and is being further developed. But I certainly don't do any auto-pay methods, no thanks. Too bad, it seemed like good stuff. The link in the post above (for syncthings) is VERY inetresting...ha ha, cool.
  8. Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to hear. Great product, I'd probably be happy to pay for it, it's been a great tool for my work.
  9. Along with this question, I am curious what paid-for plan will be most like the beta that I have been using for so long for free....And isn't is possible for those of us who already have the beta running to just keep it as-is indefinitely? I do alot of testing for many software developers, and this would be the first time that I was expected to pay anything for a product that I tested. I usually offer to pay something anyway to show support and faith in a product, but this has always been voluntary.