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  1. PlayStation

    i am not ask that, i got external HDD with PS3 games about 1TB games, my question is it is possible sync it?
  2. API Question

    it is API public key or what?I got some Xenforo developer who can make add on for Xenforo, also i am very interested to share PS3 Games over Bitorrent Sync its possible or not?
  3. PlayStation

    Hi it is possible sync PS games and run it over external HDD?
  4. Folder Sync

    how to do that, where is this option?
  5. Folder Sync

    Hi, when someone sync folder from my HDD, for example folder with tv show episode 1,2,3 and so, when i add episode 10 inside original folder, does sync to on user who shared folder?
  6. Files Key Question?

    so its not possible limited read key only option for 24 hours
  7. Files Key Question?

    read key only
  8. Files Key Question?

    Hi it is possible in premium version, files key valid only for 24 hours?
  9. Hi, when i share my folder over key, does my all files on HDD protected, other people cannot access it and delete it?
  10. What To Expect Next From Sync

    so if i understand with new version no need to download sync files to watch it like in old version?
  11. What To Expect Next From Sync

    this will be awesome product will buy pro version