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  1. Same issue for me. Please tell us if I need to change to another model of Synology or can I wait for an alpine4K build ? Thanks
  2. Hi Romanz, I don't think a minor modification is enough. Actually, we have different people in different places who has to send very big size files to multiple destinations. The destinations are fixed locations. The files won't be sent to all destination systematically. The sender should have have a easy user friendly window selecting the folder he wants to send and selecting the destinations he wants. FYI sender are variable (people/location). They must be limited with user password. Destination are constants. I can explain further in detail the needs if you wish. By the way, I just saw what the version 2 Pro offer. There are quite some functionnality that I expect, but not all. I guess I need someone who can do a work in deep. Best,
  3. Dear All, I'm looking for expert developers who can customize Sync for a specific use. Please feel free to contact me in private. Best, Parapo