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  1. Thank you ErikP, I hope I could help. This is the best sync software I could find anywhere and I am eager to use it both personally and profesionally. -JJ PS: Got your message and already replied.
  2. I never got a reply to my post, so I am posting it here again hoping for an official statement. I am very in favor of paying, I just think you are approaching it from the wrong dirrection. Here are some ideas on how to get more subscribers and make MORE money while, at the same time, making users happier: I hope you read this and give it through thourhts. I would instantly upgrade to the 'personal' plan and probably upgrade to professional in 3-5 months. Feel free to contact me for aditional thourhts and ideas.
  3. I read that, and these are my thoughts about the pricing:
  4. My thoughts: It's unthinkable to charge a fee from every user.If I pay for my shares, I have to be able to share them with free users and they must get those advanced features when accessing my folders. Don't restrict my usage just because my customers/friends/family don't have upgraded versions. You must charge ever user that wishes to CREATE advanced folders, but not every user that wishes to ACCESS them. This is important!U$ 40,00 a year per user doesn't work. Make it a monthly payment of U$ 4,00/month and give the home user the option to go yearly for U$ 20-25 a year. Then, charge more if more than 5 different users need access to the folders (company environment) upping it to U$ 40,00/year.Why? This makes it easy to understand, transparent, and accessible for personal use. Your objective here should be: Don't restrict personal users, give them a cheaper version to pay for and get all features. Or you will end up with just a bunch of free users complaining about the high price and no one will pay for it because it is not popular. I am a private user, and I wish to pay, but make it reasonable.If you follow these tips, I will be totally open to paying a fee, but make it reasonable. Notice that spotify/Netflix charge users 5-10 U$ a month for development, hosting, streaming, AND all the costs for the content, so my pricing model should be more than reasonable.
  5. Hi Stephen, is there anything on how much the paid version will cost? I would be ok with paying a fee if it's reasonable, but if I am paying I would expect some additional support (for example: there is still no oficial sinology NAS app). Will do. Thanks Marko
  6. Hello guys, I am looking for a way to sync only selected folders to a device. I want to share a whole folder with another computer using one only sync key. Then, I wan to be able to go to the other computer, see a list of all folders available, but chose wich ones I want to sync at a given time. This would be very useful for large folders from my PC/server where I don't need all files on my laptop all the time, but I want them always available and want to be able to "enable/disable" syncing them as I please. Is that possible? I don't see any features for it, even though the mobile version seems to have this feature built in. I also saw that sync has an own api, but I don't see any way this can be customized in there without having to make changes to the client. Any ideas?
  7. Solved, sorry about that. There was a user in the correct timezone, but after we re-did the windows config it somehow "fixed". Working fine now, thanks!
  8. This didn't help. We didn't get this error before this version. All computers are in the same time-zone. I am on a Mac, the other 2 are on windows computers.
  9. I got this error and it doesn't seem to have a solution anywhere in the app: