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  1. Oh man... this is cool!  I realized I was selecting the "New backup" option for my folders. What I needed to do was create an empty folder on on the PC and then "Add Folder" on mobile device.


    Still have a question on the Archiving. Is it true for any type of syncing with BitTorrentSync that only file changes are recorded in the Archiving folder and not file deletion?

  2. I just set up some folders to sync to my PC... I love it!


    Two features that I though would automatically be possible is:


    1)  As an easy way to clean up the space on phone, to be able to deleted synced files on PC and propagate those deletions to the phones.


    2) After realizing that option one is not possible because the added folders from phone seem to only have the "Read Only" option, I though if I at least delete files on phone it would propagate deletions to the PC. 


    IO just found out about BitTorrentSync and trying a million things at once  but is option 1 and/or two possible with some steps I possibly missed? If option two is also not possible what is the use of the "Archive" folder if deletions are not propagated anyway (or does it only record changes to same file)?



  3. I was curious on how would be the best way to sync the entire drive (backup drive Z:\) to a Synology NAS. 


    What I did was just set up a folder in the Diskdrive on Synology and synced the full Z drive with all its folders.



    However, does it make sense to sync the full, main directly with many folders inside or is it best to set up a sync for each individual folder in the Z drive ? I guess that will allow more flexibility when you only want to share a specific folder with someone instead of allowing them access to the whole drive. Or can you still share a specific folder from within a main shared folder?


    Also, some folders int the Z drive almost never changes so I am thinking that If I sync the entire Z Drive on the PC instead of individual folders, its a waste of resources having btSync rescan it each time it syncs. Is that the case or it does not matter much if doing one batch folder or breaking it up into groups?



    On the plus side, I guess its much easier to just maintain one sync job. Anyway, was curious on any technical reasoning to do it one way or the other.