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  1. The icons that used to show up in the status field are missing in the latest 2.0 version. The field is empty. Any suggestions??
  2. I am not really concerned about the $10 off, or 25% if you prefer. But I think you are being really cheap! I did read the license that's available when you use the link on the announcement. It is quite clear that I would need to buy 6 licenses for the 6 computers that I currently use Sync 2.0 on. For a whopping $240.00 (less 25% on the whole order??) Some time ago, I enquired about whether I would need one license for each computer and I was told that - NO - A license would cover several computers. Please confirm - or deny - that I am understanding your license correctly.
  3. Just got an email saying that Sync Pro has arrived. It offered a whopping $10 discount (you've got to be kidding ??). I have spent many, many hour on working with 2.0 and working around a plethora of bugs and anomalies. It think this would amount to $0.10 per hour, or so. The biggest problem is that no one at BitTorrent has ever told me what exactly Sync Pro is, or more importantly, what Sync Free actually is? Come on!! At least you have to tell us what the free version can do. Can it at least do what 1.4 could?? How about a spec? Or real documentation? I don't think I have ever worked on a piece of software where I was basically "flying blind" most of the time. The final indignity is that a quick read of the License Agreement says that the Pro License is $40 for one computer. It also says that I may use Pro on a network. Whoppee! Sync is useless without a network, isn't it? But if I do, each computer must have its own license, which would cost me $240 per year, since I have been using Sync on 6 family & friends computers. At least tell us what Sync 2.0 Free is? There is one isn't there? This is a horrible rollout for Sync Pro. It may be time to dust off Sync 1.4.
  4. This is reproducible, but it is not clear to me how I send you a screenshot.
  5. Thank you for your quick response. I am not sure I agree about the "more convenient" comment, but I have returned to version 1.4.103 to try out your suggestions on two of my computers. Let's call them "A" and "B". On both computers I set the folder_defaults.use_tracker and folder_defaults.use_relay to *false*. On "A" I used Add folder to create a new Sync folder. As expected the Tracker and Realy Preferences were turned off. I then tried the three following experiments. (1) I first used Share to email a share-link to "B", just using the default settings. I succeeded in linking the folder on "A" and "B". However, the Preferences for the folder on "B" still showed the normal defaults of using both Relay and Tracker. In other words, the folder created by the Share link did not use the global default settings. (2) On "B", after disconnecting and deleting the new folder, I used Add Folder to create a new folder, knowing that it would initially have its own and different full access secret. This folder now had the correct setting for Tracker and Relay. Then I tried to Update the key for this folder with a read only key from "A", but was told that I could only use a full access key when updating the key. Feels a bit like a bug to me, since to me, it would be surely useful to replace a full access key with a read only key at times. (3) Finally, on "B", I disconnected and deleted the folder just created. I then went to the global Preferences menu and selected Enter a key.... Using the read only key from "A" I was able to create a new folder on "B" in my selected location, with the correct Preferences setting and read only secret. from "A". FINALLY SUCCESS!! As a comment, I really think that the global Preferences menu is a really strange place for this functionality. On the way, I encountered these bugs and anomalies. (A) When using Share, you have the option to turn off the need for approval of peer connections. If you do, the target computer still says that confirmation is needed, but the source computer doesn't seem to respond to this. A bug, surely? ( When using Share, I tried to override the default location for the shared folder, but ran into cases where Sync garbled the name of the folder by adding something like 'undefinedName' to the actual 'Name'. Also looks like a bug to me. So, using the method in (3) above (which still seems like a clumsy work-around to me), I will now stay with Sync version 1.4 and abandon version 1.3.
  6. I am using Sync 1.3.109, since I have had too many difficulties with 1.4. I want to use my NeoRouter VPN with Sync's Predefined Hosts feature for transfers between my own and my family's computers. . I REALLY DO NOT want to use either the Tracker or the Relay. When I use Add Folder, the default settings for the folder's Properties (Use Tracker Server and Use Relay Server, etc.) seem to applied the instant the OK button is clicked and the new Secret is immediately registered with these servers, before I am given a chance to unselect them and prevent these servers from being used and knowing my Secrets. I use a work-around, which is to set my firewall to block all Internet access before using Add Folder. That way the defaults are not registered with the unwanted servers. I then unselect these servers and add my Predefined Hosts settings. The net result is that my folder's secret is no longer known to the Tracker and the Relay. My folder can now only be reached via my VPN and its authorized users, adding an important (to me) security layer. If my Secret is leaked somehow, my data cannot be accessed via Tracker or Relay. A simple UI change would remove the need for this work-around "hack". When clicking Ok, Just bring up the new folder's Properties dialog with the current default settings. Allow me to select what I want and defer any registration with your servers until I click Ok on this second dialog.