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  1. I'm having a similar issue with locked files. There have been some data files that have come up locked, but the ones that I can't seem to get to unlock are from Word and Excel. I've tried restarting Resilio, rebooting the computer where the file resides, rebooting all computers, and still can not get them to transfer over to a computer that didn't have them. The only solution I found was to rename the problem files and then they would sync over fine. Any other ideas? Using Sync 2.6.2 (1330) on all machines. Windows 10 64 bit everywhere.
  2. Just to share that is not my experience with any recent release. Sync starts up quickly and operates quickly and has for some time. Hopefully support can help you figure out what's slowing your system down. Sean
  3. I've had similar thoughts with systems setup to share between users of varying skill. I've thought Sync would keep the older versions of deleted or encrypted files for 30 days before removing might be a safeguard. Maybe someone can comment on this scenario: A user clicks on something and is infected by ransomware. All of the files that were being synced in a certain directory get encrypted. On other computers that receive the updated (now encrypted files), does sync maintain the non-encrypted versions for 30 days? Sean
  4. Windows 10 64 bit, failed to update on 2 machines...same error as above.
  5. Dusan Just to clarify, you have an incoming folder and a finished folder. Two folders and you want both of them to be sync'd with your customer, right? If you move a file from the incoming to the finished folder, it should replicate the exact same way on your customers side once the file transfers. If you don't want the finished folder to sync with your customer, clarify and someone may be able to offer help. Sean
  6. Lars, Frank made some great points. From experience here's one thing to consider. If you accidentally delete a file and want to get it back, if everything has replicated everywhere, you might be out of luck. Or if you got infected with one of those crypto locker attacks and encrypts all of your files on everything it can reach. For those reasons, I have my computers sync with each other using Resilio, then I also make a backup every week and disconnect it. Resilio does have some form of version history. If you delete something on one device, my understanding is that file will be stor
  7. Mr. Canada Glad you asked the question. I'm getting ready to use sync for some similar audio and video syncing similar to your example. Did you find the default settings to cause issues? So far I've been syncing about 1TB of many files of various sizes in hundreds of directories pretty well. If you do some testing and find beneficial settings for your use, hope you'll share your findings. Sean
  8. I'm happy to hear the news. Sounds like the new group will prioritize sync and give it resources.
  9. Thank you BT Sync for listening and changing the license structure. The free version does everything I need, however I'll be paying for a pro individual account to support you and future development. Sean
  10. Yo DJ! That's a great use for BTSync and I wish I had your library of 1TB of tunes! One suggestion would be to make sure you keep an offline backup / cold must be disconnected. If something were to go wrong on one of your machines that corrupted some of the audio or database files, it would get replicated to the others and cause you headaches. Cryptowall or other ransomware for example. Had a friend that had an elaborate backup process in place with network attached storage, cloud backup, etc. Some of their files got corrupted at some point, and it just replicated to all the o
  11. I believe if BTSync would honor their original statement that all current features would continue working in the free 2.0 version and return to unlimited folders, the flood of criticism would start to recede. Maybe they'll consider the rent vs. buying as well and many of us would purchase to own. Right now I'm sitting on 1.4 and clicking no every time it pops up inviting me to upgrade. In my business, there have been times I've changed something that interfaces with customers believing it would be received positively. Many times it's worked out. Sometimes not so well. Learn quickly and retur
  12. Have been using BT Sync for a few months. I have two machines that won't seem to find each other as peers. Some of the other computers can see each of these problematic computers, but I can't seem to get them to see each other. They are both running Windows 8.1. Some extra info: They have identical hardware. One was cloned from the other (true image), then I changed the computer name in networking. I uninstalled BT Sync [after the uninstall, BT Sync still seemed to be there, upon a reboot it asked if I wanted to allow it to run, then asked about firewall changes?] and reinstalled BT Sync on