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  1. I'm having a similar issue with locked files. There have been some data files that have come up locked, but the ones that I can't seem to get to unlock are from Word and Excel. I've tried restarting Resilio, rebooting the computer where the file resides, rebooting all computers, and still can not get them to transfer over to a computer that didn't have them. The only solution I found was to rename the problem files and then they would sync over fine. Any other ideas? Using Sync 2.6.2 (1330) on all machines. Windows 10 64 bit everywhere.
  2. Just to share that is not my experience with any recent release. Sync starts up quickly and operates quickly and has for some time. Hopefully support can help you figure out what's slowing your system down. Sean
  3. I've had similar thoughts with systems setup to share between users of varying skill. I've thought Sync would keep the older versions of deleted or encrypted files for 30 days before removing might be a safeguard. Maybe someone can comment on this scenario: A user clicks on something and is infected by ransomware. All of the files that were being synced in a certain directory get encrypted. On other computers that receive the updated (now encrypted files), does sync maintain the non-encrypted versions for 30 days? Sean
  4. Windows 10 64 bit, failed to update on 2 machines...same error as above.