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  1. Of course not, it's in the local filesystem (on an micro SD card as I mentioned earlier).
  2. Okay, that makes sense, but something still not right. I started the app again at 9:30 PM, now it's 23:30 PM and still indexing. I have 29 GB of pictures on a class 10 SD card. During the indexing process I measured the disk I/O with a 3rd-party app which gave me 30 to 45 Mb/s read speed. Considering the worst case (30 Mb/s), the whole folder should be processed no longer than 29 * 1024 / 30 / 60 = 16.5 minutes. But Sync could not finish with it during 2 hours. Am I missing something?
  3. Hello everybody, I have performance issues with Sync app I have noticed Sync does an index re-calculation every time I open the application. This is a problem because I have a share containing lot of pictures taking up to 29 GB of space, so the indexing seems to take for ages. In addition to this I haven't added any new photos to the folder, so Sync should do anything at all. After that I tried to disable this share by selecting the pause menu. Although the GUI displayed the paused state, I still could see some CPU and network utilization in a resource monitoring app. Does anybod