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  1. That it is really unconvenient, please let me know of any progress, or if you need help with this feature.
  2. Hi, it seems that BitTorrent Sync can not handle a symbolic link that does point to another symbolic link which then points to a existing directory. I don't know what the specification of symlinks is on Windows, but it is working. (Just found that out by using `npm link` to symlink a node_module to a local folder where I have a modified version of the publicly available module). I have not tried a test case if this is the real cause of the hang of btsync (using 100% of cpu and only printing `sync manager not started` or similar lines in the debug enabled sync.log: [2015-08-19 00:45:57]
  3. BitTorrent Sync should by default not sync well known temporary files that will get deleted right after the application that created them is closed or similar files. For a list of known temporary files please see I have not reviewed all entries there but its only for extensions of files not for specific NAMEs of the file which also exists. I could not find a list of temporary file names (or regular expressions as these names usually consist of parts of the original file name). Maybe you could also start an inititive to