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  1. Was the corrupted file on the source side or the destination side? Also, did it show up as a regular file, hidden file, etc?
  2. When I look at the list of files to be transferred as the poster above does, it only shows me the first few files and says "and 7500 more files" I can click that and it shows me a few more files, but leaves thousands unlisted. Any thoughts on how to get the full list? Also, I assume you are looking at the source file folders, correct? When I list all files in the source folders, I do not see any .sync! or .!sync or any files with "sync" in them. Would I need to look on the destination computers for those files to delete? I did and don't see any "sync" files there either. This is incredibly frustrating that a program designed to transfer files doesn't transfer files - and you guys are gearing up to charge me for this "service". I would love to continue to use BTSync, but if it doesn't perform the most basic tasks, then it's worthless.
  3. I should add to my point above that I also have folders on the same NAS that are syncing perfectly fine. The major difference between the ones that work and the ones that don't is the number of files in the folders and the size of those files. Terabytes vs MBytes.
  4. I have exactly the same problem. Using 1.4.103 on all systems. The folders that aren't syncing are on a NAS while local folders on the remote computer are syncing fine. The (Read Only) folders that aren't syncing have nearly a Terabyte of data in them. I have noticed that when I add a new folder full of files to sync, the actual folder get created on the remote computer, but no other files get transferred and the local system says Out of Sync, No Peers Online to receive.... Man, this seems a bit basic. Is there any solution?