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  1. Hello there, this is my first post here I have searched unsuccessfully the forums for the solution for one problem I have. I have an android phone and used Sync to backup my pictures, fotos, memos and other system folders. It all worked fine. The problem appeared as I had to hard reset my phone. As the mobile backup feature from Sync is a one way option, I can't get my old photos and other stuff synced back to my phone again. This behavior has lead to the status quo that I have my old photos/stuff on my PC in one folder and the new stuff from my phone is being synced in a new folder I had to generate to save the content in my PC. This is not helpful at all... Is there an option I can sync my old stuff back to my phone into the same system folders where they were at the beginning? Will be bidirectional mobile backup a future feature from sync? I think this is quite desireable since you have to hard reset your phone once in a while. Greets, Jano