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  1. This is the last version I can get working on my Windows Vista x64. 1.4 folders work great. 2.0 folders can be added but do not see any peers. Does anyone know of a workaround to see 2.0 folders with this version? If I roll back to a previous version that works with Vista, will it work with 2.0 folders?
  2. Update: On Vista I'm running sync 2.0 as a background task at startup on a admin user. I can't view the interface, but it syncs the previously set up shared folders in the background. Running one copy of sync per box. I hear you can view the gui through a browser on the LAN. I haven't been able to enable that in the configuration file.
  3. +1 Windows service on current boxes, back to vista plz. Currently testing one copy of folders per user per box. Ideally would like to replace the server and run one copy of folders per box. thx.
  4. I'd love to view photos (.jpg) in landscape mode on the iPhone. They should rotate with the phone. And detect which direction is up in the photo. We use the iOS mobile app to share and view photos. I noticed pdf's already rotate with the phone. Thanks.