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  1. Add a test file to the folder in question and see what happens when you do things with it.
  2. Well ideally you would have set one of the other computers as owner before the computer was formatted. Since that wasn't the case my guess would be to delete the share on all computers and then reshare the folder. Assuming you want to use B and C to restore A I would set B up as the Owner along with A and change permissions later.
  3. As a technical point there is no reason that you can't use BTSync in the same manner as you are using Dropbox. Granted Dropbox et al are an easier solution (especially if your on PC with restricted access) but it is doable with BTSync probably moreso with 2.0.
  4. I'm going to say because most people know what Dropbox is and virtually no one has heard of ViceVersa Pro but hey you may have won them a sale or two.
  5. Use the read-only flag if you don't want the files removed from the location on the Linux box. I use Dropit so I am most familiar with it. How are you setting up your action rules? Because if you set your rule like this Watch: D:\AppCache\Sync\Complete Rule: *.mp3/.bts (not knowing the file types I'm just using it as an example) Action: Move Destination: D:\Complete\%subdir% In my testing that should result in the following: D:\AppCache\Sync\Complete\Folder1 with 0 files D:\Complete\Folder1 with all files and subfolders Note that I am moving the files but not the folders themselves wi
  6. For what it is worth there are a number of bittorrent clients available that completely free (both of cost and ads). A little Googling will help you out.
  7. You would have to connect the hard drive to another computer on the LAN but yes you could do the sync that way. Alternatively you might want to look into a sync tool like SyncToy which can actually sync files across hard drives on the same PC.
  8. Alternatively, if you are happy with 1.4 - stick with 1.4
  9. First I am reiterating the argument others are making as to why they do not think that Sync does not deserve subscription pricing second. No one says that Sync has no infrastructure however that infrastructure is minimal compared to Dropbox and the heavy part of the infrastructure requirements (things like hard drives, computers, and bandwidth) are actually placed the use. Third the tracker, relay servers, and even DHT are more for making things easier for the user - Sync though can function without them, although you will have to do more of you own configuration Really, you can't see t
  10. Well if you want to know why people are moving to other platforms you have to look at the reasons: 1) Subscription plan - most people don't object to paying for Sync but they do object to paying for a subscription for a couple reasons. First off because Sync is simply a program that provides functionality and does not have the infrastructure that needs to supported like Dropbox many people feel that a reoccurring charge is unjustified. There is also a independence factor. Many people like Sync because unlike say Dropbox if Bitorrent being a company then the program keeps working. Now tha
  11. Well, one would hope - that if that day does come that they would do the right thing and flip the bit in a final update so it can continue operating without the subscription. Of course there is no guarantee of that.
  12. It currently isn't that hard to find. The link is in the first pinned post on a link which leads to http://syncapp.bittorrent.com/1.4.111/. I do advise grabbing and archiving for your own purposes.
  13. Well we won't know for another 27 days or so when the trial periods start expiring. Beyond that I would bet that majority of people are single licenses running looking to run their own sync solution, which can make the 10 folder a limit regardless..