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  1. Yes! I was aware that there's an API, but I believe to unleash the true power behind Sync on a mobile device there must exist an SDK that allows us developers to worry about the logic on top of the syncing.
  2. Hello. I've started using the iOS app yesterday. Awesome so far. Some feature requests I want to put out there: 1) When auto-sync is enabled the app should use Background App Refresh to refresh content. It would be the best 2) The photo gallery would be even more awesome if it could go full screen by hiding the navigation bars on a single tap on the photo. Tap again to show the navigation bars. A grid view of the folder would be awesome, or at least thumbnails on the list view. I know this is closed source. I offer my help as an iOS Developer to code this features. I'm looking forward to having an SDK to play with someday. It would be awesome to create music/video players based on the sync + stream. Best! Sebastian from Argentina.