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  1. Found it at last! Preferences in Folder.. Easy when you know it.. 🙂
  2. I have an image folder which is synced between 3 devices with Resilio Sync. I noticed that deleted images get moved to a hidden folder ".sync/Archive". Is there any way I can set a parameter that would delete files without an Archive function? Thanks!
  3. I am having some trouble getting BTSync to work on one Raspberry Pi and would like to start fresh. However, somewhere on my Raspbian system there appear to be some config files which prevent a fresh first time start of BTSync. Does someone know which files I would have to delete? Or is there a command for a fresh start including the request for username and new password? Thanks!
  4. Ok, I now downloaded and used only the btsync file and installed it. That works.
  5. I installed BitTorrent Sync according to: on my Raspberry Pi. The installation completed successfully but when I enter "http://localhost:8888/gui/" in the browser I keep getting asked for BitTorrent Sync username and password. I have no idea what the username and password for BT Sync is supposed to be, it is not the Pi user's password. Any idea what the default password might be or how to set it? Thanks!