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  1. Ok, thanks - seems like I still will have to transfer some files using a card reader or USB cable.
  2. I suspect his issue is conflicting file made by someone else overwriting his two-day working file. Indeed a user error, and could happen with any similar software. To the OP: did you check .syncharchive subfolder in your LR folder you are syncing? I believe it should archive different versions (conflicts) of the file, in addition to deleted versions.
  3. I'm syncing from an unRAID box (which uses samba AFAIK) to a phone running CM11. On initial testing things work fine when using R/W permissions, but I can't get a 4+GB file to sync over wireless LAN. It stops at a few hundred megs after several tries with different large video files - and claims there are no files to sync even though the file is incomplete. Shouldn't be a file system limitation as my phone is using ext4. Sync works fine to desktop over LAN on the large files.