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  1. i've setup btsync on 3 computers all running windows 7 64bit. After one computer crashed because of BSOD several synced folders had all their contents removed. I looked in the archive folder to find them there. is there a plan to detect if a harddrive has been disconnected or other synced computer to know of BSOD. this has happened 3 times. you could reproduce it by disconnecting a USB drive during sync
  2. Thanks the run command did the trick!! However, when trying to put the command in the shortcut's target property nothing happens. Is there a different command when using the shortcut property? Right click btsync shortcut > properties > shourtcut > target: "C:\Program Files\BitTorrent Sync\BTSync.exe" /webui
  3. adding /webui to the command does nothing. tried and still not clear on how to get this to work.
  4. I have same problem. #1 have IE 11 installed, and reinstalled it, with no success #2 doesn't apply because btsync does not have web UI for Windows. system is Windows 7 64 & BTsync 64. After removing setting and reinstalling no success.
  5. A web UI would be great because I get the error "Sync does not support your web browser." thus I can no longer use the software. (Windows 7 64 & btsync 64bit). I have IE 11, firefox 33 and chrome 38...