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  1. Hello, OK thanks yes it sync well when it is in foreground. Then I guess my complaint doesn't make sense anymore. Actually I chose BTsync because I was hoping it did sync automatically the iPhone once in the home LAN. Will the option be available one day? I would like to back-up automatically photo and videos. Kind regards Massimo
  2. Hi, Thank you for your help. I will send you the logs during the weekend. If I can summarize again: I notice that iPhone starts to sync everytime the app is brought in foreground (you see it on the iPhone screen). As soon as it goes in background the sync is lost. Kind regards Massimo
  3. Hello same problem here, I have a synology NAS which runs btsync 1.4.103-9 and when tring to sync my wife's iPhone it works only for a few secs and then the status becomes out of sync. If I bring on the sync app on the iphone again then it starts syncing again for a few secs and drop. The key is alo only in read mode. Thanks for your help! Kind regards Massimo PS: I also ticked the overwrite option but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Do I have to reboot the entire program on the NAS to make it effective or just ticking the option is enough?