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  1. Does this latest build still have a check box for "Overwrite changed files" for RO files that have been changed on RO machine. I can't seem to find that in this build. Could you help me with this. Thanks Maxgle from CA
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I think I got it now. With respect to not seeing the option to overwrite changed files, you have to go to the folder line and left click on the three dots to the right, then the preferences come up, and you can check the box for "overwrite changed files". With respect to finding the locked file, you again go to the folder line, left click on the three dots on the right, choose Peer list, it shows the peer, and the size of the file awaiting transfer. Click on the file arrow on the right, and it shows the name of the file. It turns out I had an Excel file open in a window I had forgotten about. I closed the Excel file, and it transferred it. I still sometimes get No Peers online, but have been able to close BTS, then open it up again, and it works. I will continue to monitor this blog to see if this bug is fixed. Thanks Maxgle from CA
  3. I am having a similar problem. I am using version 1.4.103 on a PC with Windows 7. Here are my problems: 1. It does not sync completely with a RO key. In addition, when I rt. click on the RO folder in the client computer, I don't get any options for preferences or anything. As the gentleman says prior, this is pretty basic. 2. On the master computer on another folder (read/write), it says out of sync, 1 lock. How do you tell which file is locked? I sure would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks Maxgle from CA