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  1. Hi piotrnik, Thanks so much, that gave me a bit more to go on, appreciate it! Cheers
  2. Thanks RomanZ. I read those links, but still can't work out whether any more security will be added. I guess I don't get why the key can't lock things to one machine at terms of allowing that folder only to be shared with people you give access to-which isn't the case now. Would be a great new feature!
  3. Thanks so much. I was going on memory, and I seem to remember the key was one use only (or one could set it that way)? This would have been version 1.3.109....was I incorrect?
  4. Hi Everyone, I downloaded the newest version of Beta. I like it, very easy to use,but found one major issue. I sent a link to an approved peer, they downloaded what they needed and I approved them. All good. However, in their interface they were able to share a read only version of my documents, without me knowing. They created a link, approved the person and the person was able to access the folder on another computer. I eventually found out because I noticed the peers went from 1 to 2 in the interface (it was just luck that I noticed this). My questions: I have looked everywhere and